EverQuest II - Nektulos Forest Timeline
Starting Zone Nektulous Forest (Shattered Lands)
Recommended Levels20 to 30
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What does this information mean?

These quests take place in Nektulos Forest and are suitable for characters of level 20-30. The easiest quests start at the Commonlands entrance and at the beach.

Note that the entrance from Darklight Wood does not have easy access to any solo quests, and is highly dangerous at level 20. If you've been questing in Darklight Wood, then we recommend that you go back to Neriak, City of Hate and use the teleporter to Nektulos Forest (found at the Dockside Markets).

Griffon Routes編輯

One of the first things you may want to do is to enable the griffon flight routes. This will give you quick travel between the three quest hubs. The route to N'Mar's Ascent can be walked at level 20, and once there, you can pick up this quest and finish it in about 2 minutes.

Order of Nektulos Timeline編輯

This is the starting quest line on the beach side.

檔案:Jaeta H'arn.jpg

Starts with Bruhn K'Viir - on the beach by Port Naythex at the Hidden Beach Path

continues with Torq De'Rech - standing beside Bruhn

continues with Jaeta H'arn - by the entrance to Cauldron Hollow

continues with Szin Te'val - on the West side of the base of N'Mar's Ascent

Freeport Militia Timeline 編輯

This is the starting quest on the Commonlands side.


Starts with Lieutenant Kaneth - Commonlands gate militia outpost

continues with Sergeant Cornelius - N'Mar's Ascent militia outpost

continues with Mathra - Bone Lake militia outpost

At Commonlands Gate編輯

A Calling in the Forest (28) - automatically received when you cross J'Rais Bridge

Noxhil V'Sek

  1. The Mysteries of Nektulos - The Behemoth Pond (20)
  2. The Mysteries of Nektulos - Torches of Warning (22)
  3. The Mysteries of Nektulos - Soul Eater Falls (24)
  4. The Mysteries of Nektulos - The Fire Guard (26)

Kleron Asana - rewards Shadewoven items (chain armor)

  1. Complete in any order:
  2. Kleron's Ring (23) - after completing all of the above

Jonovan the Young

  1. Talisman Lost (20)
  2. Jonovan's Endeavor (20) - repeat several times until you get the final quest
  3. A Wicked Entity in Nektulos (25)

Stalker Pulsarian

  1. Mercenary Contract - Owlbear Extinction (20)
  2. Mercenary Contract - Stealing from the Shadows (25)
  3. Mercenary Contract - Releasing the Undead (29)
  4. Mercenary Contract - Down with the Ship (24)

Nearby at Behemoth Pond

Tanny Granville

Arqis - This used to be an access quest, but is now just a soloable lore quest.

  1. The Gates of Cauldron Hollow (29) - not offered until level 24
  2. The Torches of Forewarning and Onward to Cauldron Hollow (29)

At The Docks編輯

Harold Winemaster

The Traveling Augur

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Far Seas Requisitions - from table on dock, Taskmaster D'Zran for the Special Contracts
These quests reward various Acquisitor gear (leather armor and weapons).

  1. Far Seas Requisition Special Contract #NF331 (30) - after all of the above
  2. Far Seas Requisition Special Contract #NF002 (30) - after all of the above
  3. Far Seas Requisition Special Contract #NF409 (30) - after all of the above
  4. Far Seas Requisition Special Contract #NF112-A (30) - after all of the above

Daisy Winterhope - This used to be an access quest, but is now just a soloable lore quest.

  1. Maid for the Mist - Part I (25)
  2. Maid for the Mist - Part II (30) - from Seamist Fairy Nerina

At Bone Lake編輯

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Field Investigator Chel Morgan at (-779,0,-1914) - rewards bags and containers

Loyalist Erityire - at Sullian Court

At Timber Falls編輯

The Bloodline Chronicles adventure pack offers some standalone dungeon adventures for soloers. The standalone adventures are repeatable, with a cooldown period of 2 hours.

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